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Queso de tetilla
Bar Pinotxo in Boqueria Market

Queso de tetilla
La Xarcutería más cool


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You cant miss Barcelona food markets: full of life and colour

Mercado de la Boquería
The most visited and photographed. Colourful fruit stalls artistically layed for the admiration of tourists.
La Rambla, 89 bis

Mercat Municipal de Santa Caterina Beautifully remodelled with a distinct colourful tiled roof. It is the heart of the quarter of la Ribera.
Sta Caterina Square
Just off Via Layetana

Mercado de la Concepció
Not frecuented by tourists. On the right of the Eixample.
Aragó, 311 bis area

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mercado barcelonaFood shops:

Cacao Xampaca y Tiendas Xocoa, Cool chocolates
La Xarcutería de Andreu, Fashion pork products
Casa Gispert, Dried fuits since 1851
Enric Rovira, More design chocolates
Vilaviniteca, Wines
La Botifarreria de Santa Maria typical Catalan cold meats
Escribá pasteleros, Excellent cakes, sweets and chocolates. These can be tasted at the showroom-café they have in the Ramblas, famous for its beautiful modernist facade.
Club del Gourmet at El Corte Inglés