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Queso de tetilla

Pan tumaca
bread tomato, salt and olive oil

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Catalan Cuisine is based on the easy availability of fresh good quality products of the season such as olive oil, vegetables, fish and shellfish, fruits, meats, different types of beans...All of these enjoyed with an excellent and varied range of wines and cavas (catalán champaigne).

Seasonal dishes are the calcots (tender onions) in spring, rovellons (mushrooms) in autumn and escudella d'olla (stew) in the winter . Other typical products are Pan tumaca (bread rubbed with tomato and oiive oil) , Butifarra (Catalan sausage), canneloni and desserts such as coca or Catalan custard. Fish is plentiful and delicious and a superb selection of accompanying wines makes dining in Catalunya all in all a more than memorable experience.

Most popular is the "Cuina de Mercat" (market cuisine) which means home style everyday cooking, using the products that mother earth offers in each time of the year. The food market of the Boquería is well worth a visit and its' produce varies greatly throughout the four seasons.

Catalan Cuisine has gained a world wide reputation for its quality, simplicity and exquisitness. Ferrán Adriá, is just one of the renouned chefs known both at home in Catalunya and around the world.

Northern Catalunya cuisine is also known as "Mar i muntanya" (sea and mountain). Food from both the sea and the nearby mountains are often combined in delicious dishes such as lobster with Catalan sausage. A typical dish is llagosta and pollastre or lobster with chicken in a hazelnut sauce.

We will be providing listings of restaurants shortly. In the meantime, please refer to the pages of Turisme of Barcelona which give more extensive information on Barcelona city and also offer the 'Barcelona Card' for tourists, a discount card with discounts in many establishments.