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The structure of the city is quite simple because of its geography and urban symmetry. In the center is the Casc Antic (Old City), surrounded to the north by the Eixample, to the west by the Montjüic Mountain to the south and east by Barceloneta and the Olympic Vila. Further from the center, around the Eixample, starting from the south-east are the neighborhoods of Poble Nou, Sant Martí, Sant Andreu, and Horta-Guinardó; North is the neighborhood of Gràcia, and to the west lies Sants, Les Corts, and the residential areas of Sant Gervasi, Sarrià and Pedralbes.

Zones in the center:

1. Casc Antic- the Old City- Ciutat Vella / Street map
2. Montjüic
3. L'Eixample - El Ensanche / Street map
4. Barceloneta / Street map
Zones outside the center:

1. Sants
2. Les Corts
3. Pedralbes
4. Sarrià - Sant Gervasi de Cassoles
5. Gràcia
6. Horta - Guinardó
7. Sant Andreu
8. Sant Martí
9. Poble Nou
10. Port Olimpic
11. Tibidabo

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