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Barcelona is now a bike city. There isn't a better way to discover and enjoy the hidden treasures of Barcelona than riding along its narrow streets and little squares. Specially in the neightbourhood of Ciutat Vella, its tourist center, and to get to the beaches and the Olympic port, it is the ideal means of transport. Distances are not big in Barcelona center, so you can easily get to see places.
In Ciutat Vella you will cycle mostly in pedestrianised streets while in the Eixample you'll move along the bike lanes beside the cars. When you cycle in pedestrian areas remember that the walkers always have right of way.

There is an extended network of bike lanes in Barcelona: See map here.
There is also a Green bike lane of 60 Km which tours around the city riding across parks, the sea front, and the Collserola mountain range.

There are new City Council regulations for the bikers in Barcelona, and not observing them can be fined:

  • Bikes cannot ride on the pavement if it is less than 5 meters wide. And at least 3 of those 5 meters must be empty.
  • Riding in pedestrian areas is only allowed when it is possible to proceed more than 3 meters without zigzag movements to avoid walkers.
  • Children carried on bikes must travel on an extra seat and wear an approved helmet.
  • It is forbidden to cycle near the facades of buildings and to exceed 10 km/h on the pavement.
  • It is forbidden to park the bicycle tied to any ... as paper bins, banks, traffic lights, etc, and specially to trees, as well as in places where you might hinder the passage to handicapped people.

In Barcelona bicycle theft is frequent. It is not a good idea to leave your bike in the street overnight. Most likely it won't be there the next day. During the day you also have to be careful. Your bike should be attached to a rigid element fixed to the ground, with a good locker. You should use two locks: one to attach the frame and one wheel to the fixed element and the other for the other wheel. Finding elements fixed to the ground to attach the bikes has become more difficult now with the new regulations and the scarcity of bike parking lots: only 3.250 places for a number of bikers wich probably doubles the figure.
It is always a good idea to leave your bike in a crowded area, as crooks will avoid operating there. It is also possible to park bikes cheaply in the municipal car parks.

Bike (and other wheeled artifacts) rental and tours:

There are many companies offering bike rental services and tours by bike. A lot of them are in the area of Ciutat Vella, the historic and tourist center. Some have also segway, trixis, and other alternative means of transport.
We list here below the main companies grouped by areas:


Borne - Ciudadela:

  • Bike Tours Barcelona...Tours, by bike, Trixi (ticycle) or scate.
    C Esparteria, 3
  • Bikes de Cool
    Pg Picasso, 44 - Parque de la Ciudadela
  • Bicitram
    Av Marquès de l'Argentera, 27 - Parque de la Ciudadela


Barceloneta- Playas:



El Parc del Fòrum:

  • Lloguer de Bicicletes
    Rbla Prim, 2*4 Sant Martí

Bicing is a bicycle borrow service run by Barcelona city council and addressed to residents.
Users must register to get a member card to use Bicing, so it is not practical for a short term tourist but ideal for mid-longer term visitors and foreign students.

Once you are a member you can take a bike freely in any of the Bicing parking lots, ride the bike for a maximum of 30 minutes to your destination Bicing parking lot, and leave it there. if you use it longer, you have to pay a small fee, and the maximum usage time is 2 hours.
See here details on how to register in Bicing.


You can also visit the city by scooter. it allows you to see a lot of places in a couple of days. Specially to go to sites a little out of the way or poorly connected, as the Guell park, other buildings by Gaudí, Pedralbes monastery, Montjuic, etc. the scooter is a great solution. offers scooter rental by days, weeks and even a month.
You can reserve your scooter online here.
Guided tours on Scooter- A guided route to the main tourist sites of the city, with automatic 125 cc scooters and a guide who will explain you the highlights and curiosities of the tour.



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