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Commuter and Regional trains:

In Barcelona there are commuter trains of two diffrent companies: Renfe and FGC.

It is the national rail company. For updated information on prices and timetables See Renfe commuter trains webpages .
Barcelona's commuter trains -Rodalies - has six lines:

  • Line 1. This line covers coastline towns north of Barcelona, the Maresme region, Badalona, Mataró and all the towns up to Blanes and Maçanet. In Barcelona it goes to L'Hospitalet.
    In Barcelona it stops at - Sants - Plaça Catalunya - Arc de Triomf .
  • Line 2. This line runs along the coastline towns south of Barcelona, including Castelldefels, Sitges, Vilanova, ending in St. Vicenç de Calders. Towards the north it gets to Maçanet, running inland parallel to the coastline.
    In Barcelona it stops at - Sants - P º de Gracia.
  • Line 3. This line approaches the Pyrenees. It gets to Vic, and there, you can get a connnection to Puigcerdá.
    In Barcelona it stops at - Sants - Plaça Catalunya - Arc de Triomf .
  • Line 4 . This line has two different routes southwards: one to El Vendrell and St Vicenç and the other to Manresa.
    In Barcelona it stops at - Sants -Plaça Catalunya - Arc de Triomf
  • Line 7. It goes to Martorell through Cerdañola and Universitat Autónoma.
    In Barcelona it stops at - Sants - Plaça Catalunya - Arc de Triomf.
  • Line 10. This line connects Barcelona with the airport El Prat.
    In Barcelona it stops at - Sants - Pº de Grácia - Estación de Francia

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There are two regional lines run by FGC :

  • Line Barcelona - Vallés: goes through the Tibidabo mountain to Sant Cugat and to other towns in the area of El Valles, as Sabadell and Tarrasa. It departs from Pl. Catalunya. See line.
  • Line Llobregat - Anoia: It has one route to Manresa and other to Igualada. It departs from Pl. Espanya. See line


Long and medium distance trains:

National network:
RENFE, the national railway network has connections to all the important towns in Spain and in Catalunya.
Connections with Tarragona and Gerona are very frequent, around one train per hour: some trains are direct and others stop at every town on the way. See regional trains in Catalunya.

The new high speed trains AVE connect some of the main cities in Spain, the AVE Madrid - Barcelona covers the 387 miles between these two cities in 2,38 hours. See AVE connections

International trains:
There are trains that connect Barcelona with some important European cities:

There is a Catalan Talgo that connects Barcelona with Montpellier in the south of France.
There are 3 night trains with a hotel-like service including supper and breakfast. These are:

  • Trenhotel Joan Miró.-Elipsos- (Barcelona -França to París -Austerlitz)
  • Trenhotel Pau Casals.-Elipsos- (Barcelona -França to Zurich)
  • Trenhotel Salvador Dalí - Elipsos- (Barcelona - França to Milán -Central)

It has tourist and preferent class. All these trains depart from the beautiful França station in Barcelona. In the Renfe webpages for international trains you can see prices, routes, timetables and a virtual tour in the train-hotel.


Tourist Trains: